My beautiful Mother, Lillian Govoni, taught me how to sew. She was such a good seamstress- not by trade- she was a home sewer. She made suits, coats, all our hand smocked dresses- things I will never do but so admired her talents. I have three sewing machines. Each does something well and the way I like it. I use a Brother for buttonholes, a Featherweight Singer for small jobs and a Janome for heavy duty sewing. Fabric stores are my candy stores. I love to match fabric to lining to trim. There is a sense of accomplishment when I get a good match. I use designer fabrics and trim. I find the designer fabrics have more weight and hold up better. The same for the tassel trim and brush trim. There is nothing worse than skimpy trim! It’s like wearing a couture suit with sneakers!.
The pillows have one photo, framed by gimp or braid or ribbon. I use tassels and brush trim to complete the luxurious look. All my pillows are made from high-end designer fabrics and trim. I search and shop wherever I go. I rarely buy online, instead choosing to touch and feel the fabrics and the hand. I find it rewarding to pull together the photo with the fabric and the trim. When it’s a match, it just jumps out at me and feels right. All the pillows have an invisible zipper on the bottom of the back. Your treasured photo is “framed” in a way that can become part of your décor. Many customers commission pillows as gifts. What a surprise when they receive a pillow custom made just for them! 
Napkins are a sweet and thoughtful gift.  What do you give to someone who has everything? Linen Cocktail Napkins with photos of loved ones! Think of a birthday party and baby images, a wedding anniversary with vintage images of the bride and groom, pictures of the grand children for the grand parents.  Of course, in our case it’s photos of the grand dogs!  Celebrate any accomplishment or special occasion with photo napkins!
I first made grooming aprons for my sister and brother in law, Lydia and Philip Perham, for their debut at Westminster.  I think I was as excited as they were!  They didn’t win but their Spinones (Spins) have gone on to do very well, winning the breed at Westminster!  I have since made more grooming aprons and can put your dogs and your wins right on the apron.  I use a cotton duck and trim it with grosgrain ribbon.  You’ll stand out in the crowd!


The purses are made from co-coordinating fabrics for the inside and outside. The most fun is on the inside where your photos border the entire inside of the bag.  I put photos on each pocket and the photos are “framed” by grosgrain ribbon.  I have small pockets for keys and cell phones inside and the other pockets line each side.  I generally can get six or eight photos in each bag.  The bag is finished with brush trim and bamboo handles.  I use a 15 x 16 x 6 inch bag because I carry file folders.  I will make the size that is right for you.  You will be able to carry your loved ones with you.  I always say, there are smiles inside!
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Mom is on the left and this is at Symmes Arlington Hospital.  She loved being a nurse and I loved having a nurse for a Mom!
Trophy Pillows for the PBGVCA National Show